Creating unique digital paintings from initial design to final implementation. 

How can you order from us? 

  1. Write an e-mail to us:
  2. Describe exactly what you would like to design (portrait, landscape, still life etc.).
  3. Send us a high quality photo of the room that would have the designed picture, or send us a portrait photo of the person you would like to have the designed portrait.
  4. We will send you an electronic form that you have to fill and send back to us with the necessary information (size, selected material etc.). Based on this information, we will send you the exact quotation and after accepting it, your order will be created.
  5. The design cost does not depend on the size of the picture, but the cost of the production depends. It matters how large surface should be printed on a canvas or Tecco Photo paper, then tensioned and framed.
  6. We prepare two test plans for you which are included in the commitment price. If you need more, the cost of designing will increase by 50 EUR per working hour.
  7. Based on the test plan, after your approval we will finalize the picture. After that, the production begins. The completed picture will be delivered by a shipping company specialized in transporting pictures.